Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How can we Re-Construct Greek Economy ?

Despite all the Gloom about Greece, there is a way forward.

The first planning Group scheduled for 12 May 2012 will discuss and share ideas.

There will not be a single answer to Greece's problems.

A Greek Exit from the Euro is inevitable and is a matter of timing.

Developing a Reconstruction Plan Now is important as the current Greek Authorities do not seem to have a plan.

The Enterprising Spirit of those who want to see a New Greece flourish, can now take a lead as the Politicians continue to argue and are unlikely to reach consensus in the coming weeks and probably months.

Substantial Capital has fled Greece in the past 2 years and is now in London.

Rather than single individuals profiteer from the eventual currency collapse, once Greece exits the Euro, buying up assets cheaply in the new currency, it is proposed that the planning group work towards a re-construction plan as a Social Enterprise Venture, (Community Interest Company) initially registered in the UK with payments controlled in Sterling.

Social Media and Crowd Funding (Crowd Funding is the new innovative way of funding enterprises where traditional Capital markets such as Banks and Venture Capital are not willing to lend) will be used to attract re-construction funds, that can be injected into the new Greek Economy via the proposed Social Enterprise. Recent examples of Crowd Funding demonstrate that it is a new way to attract Capital to projects.

There is a real opportunity to quickly turn around the Greek Economy once it Exits the Euro.

Iceland is a prime example of a country that has turned itself around since 2008. Iceland has used Social Media as an integral part of re-construction. http://mashable.com/2012/03/15/iceland-technology/

The model of Iceland actually proves that while a Currency devaluation is painful it quickly restores economic prosperity. The Politicians and Academics who claim that Greece would be worse if they Exited the Euro are completely mistaken. An Exit of the Euro would quickly restore prosperity to Greece, particularly if there were an Economic Re-Construction Plan.

It is suggested that this Economic Re-Construction Plan is best orchestrated from London using Sterling as the defacto currency.

I look forward to meeting all those who would like to form a Greece Re-Construction Planning Team on Saturday 12 May at 12 Noon outside New Academic Building, London School Economics

We will need loads of skills IT, WEB, Social Media Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales, Administration etc,

If you can't come on Saturday 12 May but want to be involved just Post a message or Tweet #greecelondon

Toby Chambers
Social Entrepreneur

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